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Tiffany Pattinson

Hello! Today Tiffany Pattinson share with us a vision of sustainable fashion that goes way beyond sustainable fabrics and processes, a social enterprise project born from passion and empathy.

Can you tell us more about the brand Tiffany Pattinson? What are the main values behind your work? 你可以跟我们谈谈Tiffany Pattinson这个品牌吗?您作品背后蕴含了哪些主要价值观?

It is all about sustainability. Bringing positive impact on the environment, culture and society is the main value of the brand.

In Tiffany Pattinson, we aim not just to create sustainable designs but also to build a lifestyle that will help consumers to shift to a consuming habit that will bring harmony to the ecosystem rather than exploiting it. It sounds strange for a brand to say so, but we are not created to profit from sales, it is a social enterprise that encourages sharing (rentals of garments), caring (do volunteer work with charities for our store credit), appreciation of our nature and traditional craftsmanship. In addition, I speak for events and fashion weeks globally helping to spread the concept of sustainable living among designers and consumers.


在Tiffany Pattinson我们的目标不仅仅是设计可持续时装,更要建立一种新的生活方式,帮助消费者从剥削生态系统的消费习惯转变为与之和谐相处。也许对于一个品牌来说这样有些奇怪,但我们不是为了盈利而生。在这样一个社会企业,我们鼓励共享(服装租赁),关怀(以店铺的名义为慈善组织做志愿者活动),欣赏我们的大自然以及传统手工艺品。另外,我会在一些活动和国际时装周上演讲,向设计师和消费者推广可持续生活的概念。


What is the impact you expect to have on the society and/ or environment thanks to your work? 你想通过你的作品为社会和环境带来什么样的影响? 

Rising of awareness on social issues, preservation of resources & traditional craftsmanship and switching of consumption habits are some of the expected impact. Most of my consumers and audience of my speech have been sharing with me how they are making more conscious choices on purchases and living a greener lifestyle.

With my aim to play a bigger part in converting the industry to 100% sustainable production and zero waste to landfill, the brand is joining forces with bigger companies and organisation working on disrupting the industry for better.



Why the world of fashion? Have you always been attracted by fashion and the clothing industry? 您为什么会踏入时尚圈呢?您是否一直都对时尚和服装业很有兴趣?

My childhood had mainly been me being a kids’ wear model, moments with my mum with her passionately sharing magazine images of runway looks and jewelleries, bullied at school expect during art classes, winning design competitions… I believe they all share some influences. I have always been fascinated by how a great design can lift up spirits, put smiles on faces and confidence at hearts.



What’s your personal opinion on fast fashion brands like zara and h&m? 你对于zara和h&m这类快消品牌有什么个人见解?

I have spoken for h&m sustainable department in a few events and had built a closer relationship with them, which helps me to understand better what are directions of fast fashion companies and as independent designers how can we contribute to support their change.

With big global companies like h&m migrating to sourcing and producing sustainably, they can bring a tremendous financial support in sustainable innovation and this will help to make sustainable production resources more accessible for independent designers as well as to attract businesses along the chain to shift to conscious services to cater the needs.



At the end, businesses are money driven, thus consumers have the power in their hands to direct the industry to a greener future because after all, it’s just about demand and supply. Instead of pointing fingers, as consumers, we should all reflect deeply on our purchasing habits too: stop over consuming, stop being lazy and check on the company and product labels before any purchase, buy only sustainable products and help others around you to be a conscious consumer.

With the effort put in from both ends at the same time, the future of a 100% sustainable industry will be much closer.



What would you say to people to convince them to buy less from those brands? 你想对人们说些什么来说服他们少买一些那些品牌的商品? 

Everyone have their own financial situation and these brands do offer an nice affordable option. As a designer who loves to see people enjoying fashion, I would say it’s not about these brands, but buy only what is produced sustainably and please always ask the question of  ‘Do I really need it and will I make the most out of it or do I just want it?” before any purchases.

On the other hand, my friends working in the industry and I are more than happy to help create more looks from the existing wardrobe by styling and upcycling for anyone who is interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle without compromising the fun of fashion.




What's your personal background, what are the key moments that led you to choose this path, to dedicate your life to bring change? 请谈谈你的个人背景。有哪些关键时刻让你选择这条路,致力于做出改变?

My days being a bully victim made less depressing the day kids from the minority groups at school opened their arms for me. It is the biggest moment that led me to dedicate my life to bring a change.

Once you were on the receiving end of cruelty and you have received kindness from others that come to your rescue, there will be nothing else you want to do besides paying it forward with what you have.

My friends from different minorities have also introduced me to their beautiful traditional crafts. Since then, I have put helping to share and preserve heritages of all cultures a mission of mine.

Besides that, the rewarding feeling of pure happiness when I see smiles on faces as I voluntary work in school for disable children, rescuing my fox from fur farmers, encouraging words and recognitions all fuel me to keep going despite any obstacles. 





What are the next steps you would like to take in the field of fashion to keep growing your positive impact? 为了继续增长积极影响力,在时尚界 你下一步会是什么?

To keep on speaking for the sustainable causes, help other designers to switch to sustainable production and visit more traditional craftsmen and see what can I do to help preserve their heritage.

Perhaps starting a video documentation of the process will be an interesting way too. I have been on national TV featuring me visiting tribes in China, which had then sparked interests of other designers in these beautiful craft.



What's the greatest challenge you have to deal with in your work or as a change maker? 在你工作中或作为一个改变着你遇到的最大的挑战是什么?

The greatest challenge is the greed of some people. It has been very disappointing to find people taking advantages of your kindness to benefit themselves in the most selfish way. Besides these people, whom usually will be taken care of by re-directing them with lures of the money and ‘fame’ that they greed for to do some good, other problems are not much of a problem because most of the people are still kind with a compassionate heart.



Once you show them what is happening and how they can be part of the change, almost all people take actions immediately and it can go from consuming one less plastic disposable item a day to shifting their business or career completely for sustainable clauses.



Which person or which project has been or is a great source of inspiration in your job or in your life?


My rescued baby fox, it’s neither a person nor a project but it reminds me daily that we humans are accounted for the suffering of these innocent creatures with selfish behaviours that leads to global warming and depletion of resources and species but at the same time we have the power to make it right again if we try hard enough.

It’s beauty, the way it interacts with its surroundings and friendliness also influences highly in my creations




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